TCM Massage  -Stiff Neck    (1 DVD Chinese/English)

Item Descriptions:

TCM massage is branch of TCM practice and cures various diseases in
good effect.  With its agile usage, simple manner, safety and practicality,
it is honored "Green Treatment". In the DVD, it will detailedly explain the
self-health massage manners by stimulating the common acupuncture
points, unblocking energy flow, restoring to a state of balanced Qi. TCM
massage improves circulation of blood, accelerates absorption  of
inflammatory substances, releases adhesion, loosens joints, relieves
pain, promotes metabolism so to release fatigue, strengthens immune
system, keeps fit, slows down degeneration and extends longevity. It can
reach the effect of preventing and curing the common diseases.

Stiff Neck is because of weak physique, extra tiredness, bad decubitus,
coldness and wetness, neck muscle strain, and so on. If this disease is
not cured in time, it will become cervical spondylosis day after day.
Massage can control the state of the illness. It has good curative effect,
can kill the disease quickly.
DVDs of TCM Massage and Rehabilitation Exercise of Diseases

1. 中医按摩巧治病-腰椎间盘突出症
Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Protrusion
(1DVD Chinese/English)       

2. 中医按摩巧治病-颈椎病   
Cervical Spondylosis
(1DVD Chinese/English)

3. 中医按摩巧治病-失眠  
Insomnia   (1DVD Chinese/English)

4. 中医按摩巧治病-感冒  
Cold     (1DVD Chinese/English)

5. 中医按摩巧治病-踝关节扭伤
Ankle Injury  (1DVD Chinese/English)

6. 中医按摩巧治病-更年期综合征  
Climacteric Syndrome
(1DVD Chinese/English)

7. 中医按摩巧治病-腹部常见疾病  
Common Diseases Of Belly
(1 DVD Chinese/English)

8. 中医按摩巧治病-腰椎间盘突出症   
Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Protrusion
(1DVD Chinese/English)       

9. 中医按摩巧治病-脊柱相关类疾病(1DVD中/英文)            
Vertebra Diseases
(1 DVD Chinese/English)

10. 中医按摩巧治病-膝关节常见疾病 1DVD中/英文                
Knee Arthritis  (1 DVD Chinese/English)

11. 中医按摩巧治病-养生保健(1DVD中/英文)                 
Keep-Fit Massage For Auto-Healthy
(1 DVD Chinese/English)

12. 中医按摩巧治病-腰痛(1DVD中/英文)               
Lumbar Myalgia
(1 DVD Chinese/English)

13. 简易中医按摩与自我保健-落枕(1DVD中/英文)                 
Stiff Neck  (1 DVD Chinese/English)

14. 中医按摩巧治病-项背肌筋膜炎 1DVD中/英文              
Nape Muscular Fasciae Inflammation
(1 DVD Chinese/English)

15. 中医按摩巧治病-肩周炎 面瘫          
Periarthritis Humeroscapularis Facial Paralysis
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                  

16. 中医按摩巧治病-慢性腰肌劳损
Chronic Lumbar Muscle Strain
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                             

17. 中医按摩巧治病-跟痛症(1DVD中/英文)                 
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                          

18. 中医按摩巧治病-膝关节骨性关节病1DVD中/英文               
Knee Arthritis
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                             

19. 中医按摩巧治病-电脑综合症    
Computer Syndrome
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                             

20. 中医按摩巧治病 推拿调理项背肌劳损
Treating Nape Muscle Strain by Massage
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                             

21. 中医按摩巧治病 推拿调理疲劳综合症
Treating Fatigue Syndrome by Massage
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                             

22. 中医按摩巧治病 推拿调理梨状肌综合证
Treating Piriformis Syndrome by Massage
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                       

23. 简易中医按摩与自我保健 慢性支气管炎
Chronic Bronchitis  (1DVD Chinese/English)                                          

24. 简易中医按摩与自我保健 胃溃疡
Gastric Ulcer (1DVD Chinese/English)                                             

25. 简易中医按摩与自我保健 腹胀
Abdominal Distention
(1DVD Chinese/English)

26. 简易中医按摩与自我保健 口腔炎
Stomatitis  (1DVD Chinese/English)                                          

27. 简易中医按摩与自我保健 痔疮
Hemorrhoids    (1DVD Chinese/English)                                          

28. 简易中医按摩与自我保健 头痛头重
Headache And Head-Heavy
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                             

29. 简易中医按摩与自我保健 斑秃牙痛
Alopecia Areata And Toothache
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                             

30. 简易中医按摩与自我保健 三叉神经痛
Trigeminal Neuralgia  (1DVD Chinese/English)                                          

31. 中医按摩巧治病-强直性脊柱炎
Ankylosing Spondylitis
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                             

32.中医按摩巧治病 推拿调理前列腺炎
Treating Prostatitis by Massage
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                       

33. 中医按摩巧治病 女性卵巢保养
Female Ovary Maintenance
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                    

34. 中医按摩巧治病 推拿调理高血压
Treating Hypertension
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                             

35. 中医按摩巧治病 背部淋巴排毒
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
(1DVD Chinese/English)                                             

36. 中国中医按摩大全 推拿按摩
Naprapathy  (1DVD Chinese/English)                                          

37. 刘金鹤中医按摩大全
Chinese Massage  (8 DVD  Chinese/English)                                          

38. 瑜伽音乐 能量释压 2CD
Energy Yoga -The best Yoga Music (2 CD )              

39. 我的SPA音疗工房 静心领悟YOGA音乐     
Yoga Music Spa  -Calm Down My Heart  ( 4CD)

40. 大自然音乐 我的SPA音疗工房 4CD                 
Natural Sound Therapy  (4CD)

41. 我的SPA音疗工房 太极 炼气养生音乐  4CD
Tai-Chi Health Music Spa  (4CD)        
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