*  Patented  * FDA Cleared Class II, OTC, no Prescription needed  *  Manufacturer Warranty   *   High Quality   *  User Friendly  *
We are excited to offer State of the Art HealthmateForever®  medical devices.                                                 
We provide  best of the best and the most competitive in the industry.
We stand behind our quality products and provide exceptional customer service.   We're always ready to help more and more people to benefit from this innovative
therapy device.

We strive to provide extensive education about natural therapy products to enhance lives. Our product is direct from the manufacturer, thus eliminating middle-man
pricing.  Please take time to review products information and FAQ. You will discover how natural therapy products help maintain wellness and fitness.
Explore more about the modern science and technology,  features, advantages, functions of Massager.  Click here.  

Our goal is to provide the best in service, advice and products to our customers at all levels.

We know what customers expect from us. We treat our customers as friends. Customers receive the respect and attention the deserve. That's why we always put ourselves in
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advice they need.

Exceptional Customer Service: Available 7 Days a Week By Phone or Email
When you buy HealthmateForever Massager, you can be confident in your purchase because we offer:  
  • Trained Massager customer advisors available 7 days a week to assist you throughout your therapy.  
  • Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Expedited shipping with tracking delivery confirmation in the states. Ship in a timely manner.
  • Want to get electronic version of User's Manual for review, please feel free to email us.
  • Our trained customer advisors are available to help you with your treatments every step of the way. Now that is the peace of mind you deserve when treating yourself at home.
*State of the Art Technologies   * Modernization of TCM  *    Pain Relief    *  Proven Effective  *   Home Self-Care   *   Natural Therapy*
HealthmateForever massager is a perfect health gift for you and your loved ones!
HealthmateForever® medical devices are FDA cleared Class II, OTC, no prescription
need, endorsed by Dr. Jessica Taylor Crossroads Chiropractic and Wellness Center,
Kansas City Missouri
Acupuncture Therapist, Dr. Bing Lu, Kansas City Missouri
As it is portable, easy to use, you can use it anywhere: indoors, outdoors and it will fit easily even in your pocket!
Life is Better with HealthmateForever®
Hands-free massage for pain relief in a natural way, no drugs, no side effects, no needles, no cream or gel.
Proven safe and effective.  Please do check testimonials.  Good product sells itself. You have to try to believe it.
Healthmate International makes healthcare affordable to everyone!
HealthamteForever TENS and EMS Massager is necessity of personal self-care anytime anywhere.
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TCM iMassager
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new mode to aid in slimming, toning and firming. It is compact and portable, giving you the treatment of therapists and beauty clinics in the comfort of your
home or office.,
Take advantage and upgrade to the new TENS machine, digital therapeutic instrument, bioelectrical pulsing device, biomedical engineering, bioelectricity
technology, human body simulation technology, digital programming technology.
Compare with Pain-Less Therapeutic Solutions Hot, cold and electrotherapy devices to soothe away tension, stress and pain.
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State of the Art Technologies
Full body Bioelectronic Therapeutic Massagers
HealthmateForever TENS EMS Massager provides
a natural  drug free  noninvasive pain management,
energy boost, body building and  injury recovery like
a  TCM doctor .
Upgrade Version TENS EMS
TCM iMassager 2
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